A bucket list event for me, it was Goodwood Revival on Sunday. Such a big event, there wasn’t time in the day to do everything we wanted to but great to experience and now pencilled in for next year.

We got close to the track for a couple of events and were in prime spot for one of the highlights of the event, courtesy of Troy Corser on a 1929 BMW!

And of course we put in the effort to “fit” in with the theme.

So some holiday snaps:

Farnborough 2018

What an exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable day.

I haven’t been to the Farnborough Airshow for many years so thought I would catch up on aerospace developments this year. The main focus being onĀ  what people are doing with Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing). Some really intricate structures which seem to be as much art as engineering, and all the better for it! I was particularly impressed with some of the metal printing producing precursors to forging. Some of the photos I took:

However, one slightly surprising/disappointing aspect is some of the old tech still being displayed. Probably very indicative of this was the display by the F16. Not sure how old I was when I first saw one display, but I know I had hair! Still, loved the noise and drama.

Very impressive C-130 display, again despite the old tech. The 727 was rather too retro!

But on that note, I really loved re-encountering the Piaggio Avanti. I did a study on this aircraft back as a freshly graduated engineer. It was fascinating and I am so surprised the layout has not been more copied. It was quite a “sportscar” of biz-jets as you’d expect coming out of Italy. Now it’s also developed into a drone (of course).IMG_20180718_140747.jpgIMG_20180718_140736.jpg

Lastly, of course, a fabulous opportunity to network. Meeting some new contacts but especially some of my ex-colleagues I haven’t seen for many years, one I haven’t seen since graduation (30 years ago, gasp!) as he’s spent the last 21 years in the States. So we had A LOT to catch up on.

Think I’ll do it all again in 2020.



Held in Southampton, so a local event and worth attending to keep abreast of developments in the Marine industry. It helped that it was a sunny day and some nice boats out on the water.


Some good contacts made and always nice to catch up with some existing ones, notably Graham Harvey representing PE Composites ( on the Composites UK stand.

Almost a piece of art (well if my photo skills were better):


Well it’s Le Mans 24H week.

I’ve not been to the 24 Hour race since 1995 and the famous win for the McLaren F1. Looking forward to this event and catching up with old colleagues and friends in the Paddock.

Whilst the LMP1 are a technical wonder, especially the Toyota TS050, my current interest lies with the GT classes. Some strong battles expected.

As for the Toyota, really hoping that this year they can be the bride and not the bridesmaid. Had a great time with them in 1992 (TS010) but it was the start of the long run of second places!



Some evidence that it happened!